Saturday, April 19, 2008


Here is another picture from Joshua Tree. I can't stop thinking of how beautiful this place was and what effect it had on my life. Returning to nature always reminds me of the passion I have for photography. The forms and lines found in nature inspire me to make images and share them with the world. I was having a conversation with my buddy Matt last night when we were out with the girls about taking a camping trip. He has a great place in mind next to the ocean and it sounds amazing. I'm ready for another weekend of introspection. 
This is a picture Andy took of me shooting the previous shot. Nice portrait Andy! Thanks!


Alex said...

Im betting we could squat that log, What do you think?

Amber said...

Dan these are AWESOME!

mconnolly1417 said...

Were you wearing your patchwork shorts? They look awesome!!