Thursday, April 3, 2008

$10,000,000 Car

I can imagine most people during their life don't have the chance to see a $10 million dollar car let alone sit in one... Well thats what I did today.  I shot a 1937 Talbot Lago T150 C SS "Teardrop"  and this is one of the 7 true Teardrops ever made. I also got a history lesson. This car was commissioned by a really rich guy to give to his daughter Stella. Hence the cars nickname "Stella." The cars color scheme here was to match her evening gown collection. This is the most beautiful car I have ever seen in person. It is completely restored top to bottom to original condition. This car even comes with personalized luggage... They were weird back in the day when people had money to spend. Anyways, I don't know if I will ever have a chance as unique as this one to work with such a beautiful and expensive car. I'm glad I got my picture taken sitting inside of it for proof! Haha.


mconnolly1417 said...

This is the most amazingly beautiful cars I have ever seen. Fantastic picture of you sitting in the car by the way.

Sarah said...

Wow dude. I can't believe anyone would pay 10 million for a car. Its an awesome car though!!!! I guess I would rather feed starving children.

Holy shit! So that's what you were doing when I text messaged you last Thursday. And I thought I was experiencing something big with Little Miss Amaya!