Sunday, March 2, 2008

Kev's place

So, this is a picture of my buddy Kev's cabin. We go here on occasion to get our stresses and anxieties out. I am posting it now to remind me to relax tomorrow for I have a long week of grueling work ahead of me. I like to remember our times up there and enjoy them to the fullest. It reminds me of memories and I wonder about the thin line of enjoying the present and living in the past. Where is that line drawn? Does remembering good times and enjoying ones memories put you in a rut of a past self perspective? Or how long can you enjoy said memories before you get sucked in? Maybe I am just being cynical. I like to think on the brighter side and enjoy the memories as they are when I think of them. I feel as though I can live them again and get more out of them than I did the first time. I believe that everyone should live life to the fullest. If the only meaning to life is to accumulate memories and to share and remember them, then I include you all in my daily trips down Memory Lane. If there is another meaning to life it eludes me. The only thing I know is that there is no point of living if you aren't happy.

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Anonymous said...

those were good times Dan, they live in my brain too! They make me happy.