Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hollywood Sunrise

This is a beautiful Hollywood sunrise I took on a job one morning. I think all sunrises and sunsets are amazing. But what sets one different from another? What makes the difference between a good picture and another? That has been the question between Artists and Enthusiasts alike for all time. Everyone has their opinion but who is to say they are right or wrong? I can't tell you that you should like my picture, or all of my work for that matter. You might like it and support me, that is amazing of you, or you might hate it and tell me to throw my camera in the ocean and never take a picture again, then I would have to hurt you. Just kidding, but the reason that I take pictures is to share something with the human race, to document events that have happened whether one or a hundred people see them, or to show someone something beautiful or ugly. I do it for me. I just hope that you like them and support it. Thanks!

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mconnolly1417 said...

I like this picture - I love palm trees against the blue sky.