Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tokio Hotel at Myth

iEnt Inc
This is a German band that came to Myth today. My buddy Jeff works for a promotional company, O Productions, and asked me to shoot the show while I am in town. It was fun to get back to shooting a concert and seeing all my friends at Myth! Not that I miss doing that on a daily basis but there is this energy at a concert that just surrounds you and can totally engulf you. It is an experience that I have found to be a commonality between genres and a link to humanity. When something so different as these are; Pat Benetar, Dj Skribbles, Korn, and Coldplay, you just have to think that this energy is almost a lifeforce of its own. It is incredible to watch people pour out their heart and soul out on stage for everyone to enjoy. It can be so vulnerable and so strong at the same time. The contradiction reminds me of my everyday life.

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