Friday, August 22, 2008

MN State Fair!

This was a busy day! So here is a video of the big slide at the State Fair! My niece is going down in front of me on the left! Then the picture of Cheese Curds because they rule and people in the OC have no clue what real ones look like! The photo strip was of Jack and I. This was his first trip into the photo booth! I stole him from Michelle and made it in there before she could.. Haha! 
Then after the fair I met up with some old friends from High School Abby, Annie, and Kelly. Then after that! I was with Sarah and we went over to Netty's house for her pond party! She built this totally elaborate turtle pond in her back yard. It was great to see everyone before I had to leave! Too bad she lost a turtle a couple days later!!! Oh No!

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