Monday, January 12, 2009

Summer Heat Wave!!

Well I worked all day so the only little bit of the weather I got to enjoy was this gorgeous sunset from the hill behind the house. I had to get some exercise in as well... I heard the newscasters talking this morning about living the life in California. It was interesting, they all were admitting to loving the beach, weather, and sunlight but saying they never get to enjoy much of it working so hard. This just poses a question about sanity more or less. I know I go a little crazy when I miss the sweet sun rays on my face but where does the line need to be drawn? Why would you move out here to do the same thing you were doing somewhere else? I find this a lot in America. We take a lot for granted.

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Sarah said...

We take just about everything for granted. Except for those long lost friends that move out to Cali, then take the HEAT WAVES for granted... Hahahahaha jk dude. It is -20 (without wind chill) here. I need O.U.T. of here and into the place where the sun never sleeps