Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Mission in San Juan Capistrano.

There is a lot of history to be spoon fed to the mind of anyone who walk through the doors of this Mission. It is said to be the first building to be built in this glorious Golden State. For it to be standing to this day is a miracle and oh what a beautiful place. Part of its majesty is that a breed of swallows migrate here 6000 miles from Argentina every year on March 19th. They have it down to the day. I'm going to be there this March waiting. I want to experience that! Anyway, my family and I toured the mission before they flew out tonight. We also had a picnic on the bluff above the State Beach and walked down to play at the beach. It was a great day. Too bad they had to leave so soon.

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Nez said...

Yep, I think that was the best day of the trip. Call me crazy but I like the simple things the best!!!