Sunday, September 14, 2008

I own a surfboard!!!! Wahoo!

So I bought my buddies board today! Slick deal! We walked over to Trestles, the sweetest spot for surfing in So Cal. We ripped it up! I can't wait to surf there all the time! I live so close! After we hit up Cafe del Sol and the Riptide store. I bought some cleaner to take all the wax off and make it look brand new. All in all it was a great day off! Some new adventure, great food, and some relaxing at the end! Couldn't have been better! - - Now all my board needs is a Camera Dan sticker!!

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Nez said...

Way cool for you!!!! But I guess I would not have thought of you as a surfer!! But why not---you tried the snowboarding stuff, so why not water surfing???? Enjoy it but be safe!!!!