Saturday, July 19, 2008


This is my Crunch Roll! I wasn't the biggest fan of sushi but my buddy Ben is. He brought me to this place in Costa Mesa that makes some sweet food. We tried a ton of stuff! From the Yellowtail and Ahi Tuna to the Crunch roll, the Shrimp Sushi to the seared Albacore belly with smelt eggs on the top, the Spicy Scallop roll to the Mango and Green Tea Ice Cream wrapped in Boba. Oh and I can't forget the California roll. Haha we had a feast of Sushi! Some of it I still don't have the taste for but I do like all of the cooked stuff I ate. My sister would be proud.

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mconnolly1417 said...

Damn right I'm proud! We're going out for sushi when you're home!!