Sunday, July 27, 2008

Been busy!

A few friends and I went out to check out the OC Fair! We all had a great time! The shock for me was there is only one stand that has Cheese curds! I had to ask information. What is that about! After all the craziness at the fair we didn't get enough so we headed over to the US Open in Surfing on Huntington Beach! This party was ragin! Just check the shots I put up here. There was a ton of skin, sports, and fun to be indulged in! Now Kevin and I are off to go see Dark Knight! The last time we tried to go see it there was a line around the block! Hopefully better luck today!

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honeylatte said...

why would you expect more than one booth to have cheese curds? I am surprised anyone has them. It isn;t Wisonsin after all! But I am betting they deep fried them didn;t they?