Sunday, June 29, 2008

Johovah's Witnesses in CA

So I guess in CA they just write you letters instead of coming to your door? It was kind of weird seeing this piece of mail in my box. I was curious as to who it was from.... Then how disappointing... Johova's Witnesses. It's like back home when they would come to your door and you are all excited like, is it the Girl Scouts? Did I finally get my cookies I've been waiting for?? Then, NOOOO, its the Johavah's Witnesses! Such discontentment. 

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Sarah said...

Dude the mormons did that to me. THen I decided that since I knew nothing about their religion I sat and listened to them. Wow it was crazy!!!! If you ever have time on your hands, you should listen to these people that leave you notes in your door! You never know what you may learn!