Monday, May 19, 2008

Work today

Do you wanna know the coolest thing about rich people? They have cool stuff. That includes their house. This is where I worked today. This is only like a 3 bedroom house... But it has something like 10 other rooms.. I don't get it. It is up on the hills over looking Laguna Beach. It sold for 12 million. I think I'll take two. I think I have a couple million laying around for a down payment... Yeah, well here is the view from the hot tub in the back of the house. The house also has it's own security guard. Not that the two locked gates to get to it was enough right? He also carries a loaded gun. I saw it. Anyways, here is the pic.

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Nez said...

Yeah, nice digs but at what price??? I'd have to work way too many extra shift to even come close to pay that bill!!!