Thursday, May 8, 2008


I work with Fidel. He is a shooter at Svoboda Studios. Here is a portrait I took of him on a sunny day. The past 3 days here have been cloudy. It was weird as well. The first cloudy day it seemed like everyone in the studio was crabby... or making fun of the crabby. It is amazing to me how much weather can affect someone's mood. I have seen it my whole life and I have let it affect me as I have seen it affect others. The cloudy days and the sunny days, the rainy and the dry, the hot and the cold. Some people never let it get to them and some let it dictate every action. Is this something that we can rise above if we educate ourselves? Or is there a cure that we can manufacture? I sometimes wonder if that way is the best for us as well... Maybe we are just better with out any cures and just move on with our lives, crabby or not.

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