Thursday, March 17, 2011

Practical Joker.

I like practical jokes. Who doesn't, right?!? Ha, well this one is great. Jimmy is a buddy of mine and Ashley is a girl we met recently, well we like to call her Smashley for pretty obvious reasons. So Jimmy likes to make fun of her ordering the House Chardonnay at Washington Square, a neighborhood watering hole, I just like to make fun of her for everything really... So on to the joke, up at the Square there is a black board where they post gift certificates. People can buy drinks specifically or whatever and put to and from with crazy nicknames and what not. Seems too easy right? Ok well last time Jimmy and Smashley talked there were some ruffled feathers. I decided to smooth this over for them, or just see what happens... ;) So lets see what happens!

****** Update****
LOL, Yes! A few days ago I received a call from a friend, Shannon, that told me Smashley called her and was ALL up and excited that she was sitting at the bar and noticed that Jimmy had bought her a drink! That was a good laugh! Oh it doesn't stop there! Last night a few friends and I went up to the square to have dinner and some drinks. Jimmy and Ashley showed up and she said across the table, "Jimmy! Thanks for the drink!" He responded by saying "What are you drinking?" Needless to say he had no clue what she was talking about. It was at that point that I lost it! Jimmy caught on and thought it was pretty good, Ashley on the other hand had no comment to be made.. Another joke success! Life is short, make fun of it!

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