Thursday, March 25, 2010

550th POST!!!

I wanted to let you all know that I am starting a fundraiser. I am raising money to plant a tree for my friend Misty Cortez. Here is my story.

Please click on the link to Donate.

Growing Memories Facebook Page

As I rode in the back seat of my parents’ car one wintery afternoon on highway 61 in White Bear Lake, we came across the scene of a horrendous accident. Crushed metal, glass, and emergency vehicles were everywhere. One particular thing stood out to me amidst the chaos – a small yellow object lying motionless on the ground. When we got close enough for me to make out what that object was I froze. It was a young girl that couldn’t have been any older than me lying lifeless on the icy road. I shuddered and returned to my gaze frontward. Little did I know at the time that the scene I had just witnessed would stay with me forever.

The following day I resumed my normal activities – until I walked into my third grade classroom. The first thing I noticed was that one of the girls that sat at my table was missing. Right after the teacher called the class to order she announced that Misty Cortez had been in a car accident and killed. My parents later informed me that the car accident we saw on highway 61 was the one that had killed Misty.

In an effort to keep her memory alive my elementary school planted a tree. We had a ceremony the day we planted the tree in her honor and everyday after that we’d see that tree and remember why we planted it.

Many years passed by and one day I noticed that the tree was no longer there. I do not know why it was gone but it was and, once again, I remembered Misty.

It saddens me that her memory was swept away under the rug, forgotten as easy as yesterday’s trash. She deserves to be remembered, as everyone does. We all get a chance to make a name for ourselves and be remembered in various ways. Misty never got that chance. I want to give her that chance to have a long prosperous life as a part of nature. Blessing our lives with oxygen and completing the circle of life. We still need her, as she needs us to keep her alive. I am just the vessel that her memory lives on in. I want to pass that on to you.

Together we can make a difference in anyone’s life. All we have to do is reach out. Even a little will go a long way. Help me keep Misty’s memory alive – for Misty, her family, and for others that have passed on.


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