Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Minnesota Nice.

Well I have conflicting stories today... I was driving up 35W today when I was about to split off to 36 East. A pick-up truck that I was coming up on saw some brake lights and decided to change lanes with out looking. Almost hit me and tried to run me off the road. At the last second he saw me and pulled back over, it was such a close call that he pulled in behind me a second later. When we caught up to the brake lights the lanes that were going to 36 we slower than the lanes staying on 35W so as anxious as he was pulled back into the other lane and proceeded to pass me. I looked over and saw a big middle finger pointing my way. MN nice at its finest. A guy almost hits me and its my fault. What a selfish asshole.

So as I'm starting this blog post I'm watching the news, and its been a crazy day for news today, when this story comes on. Its a little puff piece about a man who got stuck in the snowstorm a few days back on a rural road in southeast Minnesota. Roads were shut down and no one could go out to help him until the storm had passed but the man had little snow gear and little over a half tank of gas. His wife grew frantic over the passing hours, knowing that he would have to be there overnight she started to get more and more desperate. She started doing some research on where he was and using the internet started calling residence that were close to the snowbank that had encapsulated his vehicle. After trying half a dozen businesses and residences trying to find someone that was close enough and had the correct equipment to save her husbands life, she ran across a certain family. A family that took this personally. This family had the means and this family had accepted responsibility to go out and attempt to save this strangers life. They succeeded after a few hours of locating him by means of snowmobile, bringing a duffle bag of heavy clothes to get him back to the house. The man and his son that saved this strangers life said one thing, "If you are able to help someone that needs it, you do it."

I was going to leave this post as a cynical explanation of what I have come to believe what MN nice means to me but I have decided to add that second part. Maybe there are some good people left on this earth. I just think that it gets harder and harder to find them if you are not looking for them. "If you are able to help someone that needs it, you do it." We should all take a chapter from this rednecks book, lets just leave out all the hillbilly shit.

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