Friday, December 5, 2008

Last Night!

My Godson went to go see Santa! He looks so happy!
I remember these photos. Putting our kids on display and making them smile. You know they don't want to. Sitting in front of studio lights in the middle of the mall. Everyone walking by just staring. It can be a little awkward for a kid. We have to ask ourselves what this myth of Santa Clause does for our kids? I know it seems harmless and all but what are we really teaching our kids with this parable? Eventually you have to break their heart and tell them he doesn't really exist or some kid in their class will. Then what happens? I don't know. Maybe Peter Pan does need to grow up. I don't think he'll make it very far in the real world with that outfit though. 

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mconnolly1417 said...

When you have kids someday you will understand when you see the joy on their face because Santa left something under the tree for them. Real or not it's a rite of passage.